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A Lovely Cup of Customer Service Featured

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Through the eyes of Amy...

Recently, I visited a newly-opened coffee shop in my neighbourhood and was surprised at the employees' dedication to the shop.

When I went into the cafe I was one of the few customers there and was pleasantly greeted with light music. On the walls were posters of the specials that the cafe had that day. When I ordered the special and two of their baked goods I was surprised at how the baked goods were fresh and warm as opposed to the usual factory-made products provided by most coffee shops. 

Apparently the baked goods were handmade by the employees and it was a surprise because of the low cost. Their Americano coffee was lovely, as the crema style was intact and it was overall a smooth cup. It was evident that the employees were dedicated to making the best products for their customers. 

In other cafes I've been to employees begin to chat and gossip when there are few customers around, creating an unpleasant atmosphere. However, the atmosphere of this particular coffee shop was quiet and free of disturbances.

Overall, the baked goods, warm coffee, and tranquil atmosphere made for a memorable experience. If I ever needed to relax with a good book or meet with someone for a polite conversation, then I will surely arrange a visit to the coffee shop again.

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