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Top Five Gifts To Give Your Valentine - Part One Featured

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Since Valentine's Day is coming soon, we have started a five-part series looking at both, the male and female perspectives when it comes to giving gifts and planning dates for your significant other. This first entry will look at what you get your special someone, from a male's perspective.

1. A Stuffed Animal & A Card

A stuffed animal is usually a safe option when giving a gift. It's not too cheesy, but it can be memorable depending on what you get. Don't assume that guys do not like stuffed animals, they will keep it as a memento.

As for the card, don't just get any card! Get one that shows your appreciation and something that stands out. You can get huge cards from Carlton Cards or Hallmark for approximately ten dollars. The most important part to remember is to get creative with what you write on the card! But if you are a crafty person, feel free to make a card. This will show your special someone the extra effort you are willing to put in.

2. Chocolates & Flowers

This generic gift idea is one of your safest bets. Find out what kind of chocolate they like and then surprise them their favourite ones. No one can resist chocolates! Giving flowers is also a nice gesture. Although, anyone can go to the store and purchase flowers, it is knowing what to get and how to give it that will make the experience unique. Try buying roses but in different colours!

3. Tumbler

Purchase two tumblers (his and hers) and fill them up with a hot beverage like tea, coffee, hot chocolate and carry them on the go or enjoy it right there. Make sure they are unique looking tumblers. This will be a sweet gesture that both can enjoy.

4. Knitting

Nothing beats a handmade gift. If you knit a scarf or hat for your significant other, they would appreciate and love it. If I got a scarf or a hat from a woman, I would love it and possibly wear it all the time!

5. Board Game

Purchase a board game that you two can play together. If not a board game, something that requires at least two players. You can have tons of fun with it! This will allow you to get to know the person a little better. You can also play games with other couples, a little competition will make things interesting.

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