About the CRIDOC e-Library

This library database belongs to the Child Rights Information and Documentation Centre (CRIDOC), an NGO legally registered in Malawi to create access to information related to the rights and development of children and young people. The following three core approaches underline our mission statement: information exchange; information documentation; and information dissemination.

The e-library contains resources covering a wide variety of thematic issues that are directly or indirectly linked to child rights. The resources include publications, reports, web links, posters, booklets, audio files, video files, and much more.

The electronic or virtual library is designed to provide convenience for those who can hardly access our physical resource centre that is located at our Secretariat in Lilongwe, the Capital City of Malawi .

We acknowledge the fact that there are lots of people out there who are craving for information on child rights and many other related issues relevant to both Malawi and elsewhere. We believe that we can offer a substantial amount of such information from our Secretariat's Resource Centre, which is fast growing.

On the other hand, the big question is how do we cater for the needs of those who cannot access such information for various reasons, particularly those who are living outside our physical location?

This virtual library intends to complement as well as supplement the resources that you may find in our physical resource centre, and we hope that the more the facility (the e-linrary) grows, the more impact it is going to make.

For instance, from this e-library, users are able to download various kinds of reports or publications, ranging from the The Malawi Demographic and Health Survey published as recent as in 2016, to the Commercial Sexual Workers Research Case Study conducted by Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) as long time ago as in 1998. Users can also place orders for posters, leaflets, books, etc, on various child rights related topics.

Mindful of the fact that this electronic facility has just been incorporated into our website, we are trying our level best to ensure the growth and overall quality of the resources featured. For this reason, we urge you to visit this page regularly if you do not find the information you are looking for at present.

Alternatively, we are also encouraging you to tell us what kind of new resources we need to add to this virtual library, so that we satisfy your needs. Your feedback will be helpful.

Do you have some relevant materials that we don't  have yet on this e-library but you believe  must be there? You can also share your material by clicking on the "Submit Resource" link below, and we are going to to review it and upload accordingly.
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