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In this section, we try to provide basic facts, figures and indicators on various issues affecting children and young people in Malawi and globally.

Generally, everyone interested in issues pertaining to children and youth may find this page handy as it provides basic situational overview on issues of interest to them. Those that may be interested include NGO workers, child & youth advocates, researchers, students, policy makers, international development partners, the general public, and the children themselves.

In addition - and in particular - when developing this section, we also had in mind the media (journalists) considering their critical role they play in society when it comes to dissemination of information. The etiquettes of journalism require that whatever journos write/report must be based on real facts and figures on the ground, hence we believe that this section will act as a reliable reference point whenever they write/report on issues related to children and young people in Malawi and abroad.

To access data on any of the topics or pages listed below, please click on the corresponding link. If you think there is a topic that you think we left it out and for which you have some substantial amount of data whether at global or country (Malawi) level, do not hesitate to post such information on the form below, and we will contact you to acknowledge receipt or enquire for more information.

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TOPIC                     PAGE  LINK                        
Child Rights  1 Click here»
Child Labour  1 Click here»
Child Trafficking 2 Click here»
ECD 2 Click here»
Child Disability 3 Click here»
Child Justice 3 Click here»
Child Education 4 Click here»
Child Health 4 Click here»
Child Nutrition 5 Click here»
Child HIV & AIDS 5 Click here»
Children & MDGs 6 Click here»
Child Prostitution 6 Click here»
SRHR 7 Click here»
Child Sanitation 7 Click here»
The Girl Child 8 Click here»
Drug & Alcohol 8 Click here»
"Street" children 9 Click here»
OVCs 9 Click here»
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 Pages:   1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10 

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