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As a non-for-profit organization, the Child Rights Information and Documentation Centre (CRIDOC) relies on the support of individuals like you. You can volunteer your time to raise money for CRIDOC and make a real difference to the lives of vulnerable children and young people in Malawi. You may also raise material resources that could go towards our resource centre at the secretariat, or towards libraries in schools in rural areas of Malawi, especially in the eight districts where we work.

The money you raise will go directly to the programs and activities that we implement, and contribute towards the protection and promotion of rights and development of children and young people in Malawi. While it may not seem like much, every dollar you raise for CRIDOC will help us to achieve some of our institutional goals and objectives.

Besides monitory donations, as an information (resource) Centre, we would also appreciate to receive any resource towards the improvement of our resource centre. Resources may include:

1. Used computers
2. Children’s Books (or books on child-related issues)
3. Children’s Posters
4. Educational CDs, video tapes, or audio tapes
5. Educational resources in Braille
6. Solar panels for community libraries

Take a look at our various programmes and activities that we implement to see where you can make a difference. A fundraising volunteer will assist CRIDOC by coordinating fundraising events/activities in your country (e.g. big walk, fundraising petition, school outreach programmes, cycling, etc).

The volunteer will help the CRIDOC project leaders with ideas to better reach donors. He/She will help in spreading the word about the project worldwide through social networks and friends.

How to apply:

We have partnered with a US-based Volunteer Organisation called Omprakash Foundation. Through this arrangement, we encourage prospective volunteers to register with Omprakash Foundation first which will financially subsidize part of the volunteer expenses for the successful applicants who want to volunteer with in Malawi.

The Omprakash Volunteer Grant supports travel and living expenses for qualified, energetic, and entrepreneurial individuals who want to volunteer abroad within Omprakash international network of grassroots health, education, and environmental “Partner” organizations.

To stand a chance of working with us, please register with the Omprakash Foundation. Click here »

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