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Do you want to volunteer with CRIDOC in Malawi?

For you to reach this web page, chances are that you may be interested to work with us from abroad. As CRIDOC, we do not take it for granted. We hope you can play a significant role in doing something positive for the community while also contributing towards building the capacity of not only our organisation, but that of our partners too.

As a prospective volunteer, there is one important announcements we want to make for you:

bullet1  Presentation on Volunteerism (PPT)  
bullet1  Presentation on Volunteerism (PDF)  
We have abolished and/or revisited what we used to call International Volunteer Programme (IVEP). Instead, we have partnered with a US-based Volunteer Organisation called Omprakash Foundation. Through this arrangement, we encourage prospective volunteers to register with Omprakash Foundation first which will financially subsidize part of the volunteer expenses for the successful applicants who want to volunteer with in Malawi.

The Omprakash Volunteer Grant supports travel and living expenses for qualified, energetic, and entrepreneurial individuals who want to volunteer abroad within Omprakash international network of grassroots health, education, and environmental “Partner” organizations.

Omprakash levies no fees upon volunteers, but the majority of volunteers are still required to cover their own travel and living expenses. The grant programme enables Omprakash Foundation to harness the potential of inspired individuals who are poised to contribute to the organization's mission but would struggle to afford these basic costs.

If you are interested, you may register with the Omprakash Foundation (or you may even encourage your colleagues/friends too to do so).

However, should you not find it necessary to register with Omprakash, it is still okay for you to work out everything on your own but CRIDOC will not be able to afford costs like accommodation, transport, etc.

Our partnership with Omprakash is well documented here!

To learn more about how the Omprakash Volunteer programme works, please click here!

To learn what you can do as volunteer with CRIDOC, please click here!

To learn more about Malawi in General, visit this site!


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