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Cridoc LibraryThe Child Rights Information and Documentation Centre (CRIDOC) is pleased to announce that the 2012 membership scheme is now open to all who want to enjoy all the benefits of being affiliated to our Resource Centre/Library as a paid up member.

What Will Your Membership Dues Do?

Your membership dues help fund programmes that are available at the CRIDOC headquarters and/or to the community at large, more especially activities that are linked to the resource centre/library e.g. mobilisation of more resources, acquisition (rentals) of new/more space for the library, purchase of more new furniture for the libraries (e.g. chairs, tables, shelves, etc); library community outreach programmes that are currently underway.

 Benefits of Membership:

Free and unlimited access to the resources through the CRIDOC Resource Library/Bookstore

• Networking opportunities with one of CRIDOC’s local or international affiliates

• Advocacy through provision of information and capacity building (training)

• Research Updates covering the latest findings in the field

• News briefs - CRIDOC’s comprehensive newsletter

• Comprehensive Website featuring exclusive Members area with access to leading experts and online training (to be launched soon!)

• Discounts (reduced member rates) on CRIDOC conferences and workshops

• Participating in CRIDOC Forums for sharing your expertise, expressing your professional opinion, and building your reputation.

• Full access to CRIDOC's Career Centre - containing job openings within national and international networks and coalitions (to be launched soon!)

 Types of Membership:

• Individual membership

• Institutional membership

 Membership fees:

• MK 1500 for individual membership (free for school pupils!)

• MK 2000 (or more depending on size) for Institutional membership (free for school clubs!)




Regular Member


(NGO, CBO, Teachers Union, etc)



Below USD 50,000

Between USD 50,000 and USD 250,000

More than USD 250,000



 MK 2, 000 (USD 15)

MK 5, 000 (USD 35)


MK 10, 000 (USD 70)


      Associate Member

Your organisation is:

A national coalition

    A regional network

An international 



MK 10, 000 (USD 70)


MK 30, 000 (USD 200)

MK 50, 000 (USD 350)


     School Child Rights Club




The Membership Application Forms can be completed and submitted online or can be printed out and mailed or faxed to the address on our contact page

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