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volunteer5It doesn't matter which part of the world you are in! With the World Wide Web (www), you can still volunteer with CRIDOC to bring some positive changes in our society, particularly in the lives of children. Internet technologies are inevitably influencing our lifestyles and impacting an increasing number of functions in our lives. In this virtual world everything is possible. We can do Christmas shopping or meet David Bekham's fans from the other end of the globe or… why not volunteer for CRIDOC?

But by joining the Internet community, we can also help change people's lives. That is how the idea of on-line volunteerism - or what technocrats in this field call "cybervolunteerism" - was born. Under the On-line Volunteer programme, CRIDOC is keen to promote the meaningful use of modern information technologies, particularly Internet, for knowledge sharing and volunteer work.

volunteer6CRIDOC seeks to benefit form the skills that volunteers already have, particularly in using the Internet wherever they may be, to mobilise resources, to carry out an on-line campaign, to document issues on-line, etc. Volunteers may also participate in translation of key documents in other key languages like French, Spanish, Portuguese, as well as local languages like ChiChewa and ChiTumbuka available on the CRIDOC website.

Others may be involved in offering their skills in areas such as web or software development, system administration and content generation.

Whichever way the volunteer may be involved, the key aspect is the fact that they do not need to be physically available at the CRIDOC secretariat to work for us under this programme. They can work from home in the comfort of their bedrooms; or from their college library, from the Internet café, etc.

bullet1  Presentation on Volunteerism (PPT)  
bullet1  Presentation on Volunteerism (PDF)  
How to apply!

There are two ways you may get involved, as follows:

    1. Either
e-mail us here» and request information about how to go about
        applying, or

    2. If you are already registered with our US-based partner, the Omprakash Foundation, you may log in to learn how you may
        go about volunteering at home through Omprakash! Either browse this page or go straight to the download page here!   


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