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The We believe in the old adage, “United we Stand, Divided we Fall.” One of the CRIDOC ’s major focuses is capacity-building, NGO Networking within Malawi and facilitating for possible linkages between local NGOs and those around the word.

We believe that most of the problems affecting children in Malawi can effectively be dealt with only if there is effective coordination among NGOs and all other stakeholders. So we have to partner with other like-minded NGOs who share our goals and values.

Effective Networking entails not only sharing of ideas and experiences among all the stakeholders, but also being able to share some of the most basic and important resources required to fulfil our shared goals. We at CRIDOC are ready to share such resources with all other stakeholders working for the good of children.

If you are interested to be part of this burgeoning network, you can partner with us either by using a partnership form or by writing to us through e-mail to request for more information regarding our partnership scheme, or simply to request for the partnership form.

Note however that becoming our partner is different from becoming our “Institutional Member.” If you become an institutional member, it means you have unlimited access to all of our resources (in this case, the Resource Centre), which practically cannot cater for everybody for free, although we would love to share each and every single resource at no cost. A member does not have to book an appointment to walk into our centre.

On the other hand, there is need to make special arrangements in the case of partners in order to access our resources i.e. booking an appointment in advance, etc. Most importantly, the concept of partnership is based on the understanding of a "mutual relationship" beyond simply sharing CRIDOC resources i.e. working together on a number of projects, activities, skills sharing, capacity-buildng initiatives, etc, etc.

So far, CRIDOC has teamed up with a number of organisations in Malawi and outside in its efforts of achieving its goals and objectives. Click on the right arrow below in order to see some of the partners in Malawi.


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