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Promoting the Rights of Children with Disabilities In Malawi
“From Exclusion to Inclusion: Promoting the Rights of Children with Disabilities” is a comprehensive study commissioned by the then Ministry of Disability and Elderly Affairs with funding from UNICEF to provide a situation analysis of children with disabilities in Malawi and make recommendations on how challenges experienced by these children can be addressed.
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The Disability Act, 2012
The Disability Act, enacted in 2012 by Malawi Parliament, provides broad legal framework for the care, protection and development of children with disabilities, as well as all persons with disabilities. The Disability Act It guarantees the right of access for persons with disabilities, including children with disabilities, to at least 22 services, such as health and rehabilitation; premises and services or amenities; education and training; social protection; social services; cultural, sporting and recreational activities; and information and communication technologies.
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