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Be a Partner in Change, Help CRIDOC In its Challenge And Together We Will Make A Difference In The Lives Of Many Children Who Need Care And Protection. CRIDOC often receives requests for suggestions on how to get involved in children's rights issues. We periodically list items we think may be of interest. If you would like to post an item on this page, please email



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We are only a bunch of volunteers working enhance the protection and promotion of the rights of thousands of exploited children in Malawi and beyond through various programmes being implemented at the secretariat, so the money needed to sustain our work comes from people like you. Your donations will make all the difference. Please give now.

Spread the Word!

Any time you see something on the CRIDOC website that interests you or informs or inspires you, you may do the following:

1 Submit an article for our e-Newsletter (We’ll print it)

2 Print out a copy of the page and stick it to the bulletin board at school or work

3 Write letters to the editor of your local paper

4 Write a project on child rights (We’ll help you!)

5 Speak on child rights at home, school or work, and spread the word

6 Consider sharing whatever you find on our site with your social networking sites like

7 Facebook, Twitter, etc

Subscribe to the CRIDOC e-newsletter

Sign up and you’ll get our periodic e-Newsletter and numerous opportunities to become a virtual activist from your home/ workplace.


Want to Volunteer? We can use any skill: from envelope stuffing to researching. Many of the people who work in our offices today started out as volunteers. The organisation welcomes volunteers of all nationalities, religions, races and creeds and is open to the following, but not limited, fields:

1 CRIDOC Fund raising activities

2 Research and Documentation

3 Library Management

4 School Clubs Establihment and Management

5 Media-related Programmes

To find out more about how can you get involved as a volunteer, contact us at info@cridoc.net or visit our volunteer section

CRIDOC on YouTube!

In an effort to raise public awareness about child rights and all issues affecting young people in Malawi and beyond, CRIDOC has filmed a series of videos highlighting such issues.

These videos are located on http://www.youtube.com/TheCridoc and can be embedded onto your website or social-networking site like facebook, twitter, etc, etc.

You Have An Idea, Tell Us

Got an idea for other things you and your fellow CRIDOC supporters can do to help. You can drop an mail to us at


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